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Need help from quilters.. Heart Quilt Blocks in trade for donation please read!

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Old August 6th 03, 06:49 PM
external usenet poster
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Those "Things" werent bought for her... Her next door neighbor shares
the ebay account with her, the lady doesnt have a computer... I KNOW
what some people are going to say, why doesnt your mother sell the
computer?? Because she needs it to run the business my father and her
are in.. After 9/11 they were left with almost no money... they have
almost no posessions.. They live in a log cabin they built themself...
Anyone want to personally call me to question me on this?? You want
to hear the desperation in my voice before you believe me??.. My moms
auctions have been the ones where she has sold blocks and trying to
sell her quilt..

CNYstitcher wrote in message ...
I just checked as well, but I looked at all the feedback. This member
bought more often than sold....my question is, if there are money
troubles, why is this person BUYING things from ebay????

Larisa, more of a skeptic tha usual, I suppose

Kathy in CA wrote:

Just for the record there is NO quilt listed for sale with seller
"Starranch1" 'cause I just looked it up. There is a seller named
"Starranch1" but no quilt.
Kathy in CA
Quilting Stuff:

"Cheyne" wrote in message

Please read this fully...... Thank you for your time!

My name is Cheyne, the eldest daughter of my mom. Growing up my mom
has always had problems with her weight but the past few years, things
have gotten bad for her. After having an emergency hysterectomy and
nearly dying from blood loss, she came home determined to make herself
better. Doctors have told her that the reason she has problems with
her thyroids, very high blood pressure and the slowing in her pace
come from the fact that she is overweight. She has seriously high
blood pressure that is difficult to control, even with medications and
the arthritis in her knees has become crippling.

She has tried countless diets, pills, supervised diets, classes
everything to help her become a healthier person, but nothing has
seemed to work for her. I know that if she was to have the gastric
bypass surgery that she so longs for, her life would brighten up
finally and she wouldnt have all these medical problems that
continously plague her.

Rather than asking for donations, I asked my mom to start making me
some quilt blocks so I could sell them online to make some money for
college bills. She is a very honest, loving person and would never ask
anyone for anything; in fact she would probably be embarassed if she
knew that I had done this for just because she would feel that people
would think she was begging which she is not. She is an absolutely
WONDERFUL quilter. She thinks the only chance she might have funding
her surgery would be to sell her award winning quilt which is listed
on ebay right now *You can see it if you look up "Starranch1" on ebay
members*. I really dont want her to do that since it is her prized
posession, so I am going to try my luck and see how I do at helping my

Heres what I ask from my moms fellow quilters in the world,

Send a donation of one dollar, or whatever you wish, and I will send
you a heart quilt block for each dollar recieved. Either to use them
in a quilt or a picture frame, they are beautiful. The dimensions are
3 1/4" inches square and when sewn into a quilt 2 3/4" square. Need
certain colors? Just ask! Please send all donations with a self
address stamped envelope so i can send the blocks back to you. If you
have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Donations can be sent to:

Cheyne Maclaskey P.O. Box 1645 Conroe, Texas 77305

Thank you so much and GOD BLESS YOU!

If you have any questions, please email me at

Old August 6th 03, 06:55 PM
external usenet poster
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Thanks for your negative comments... Please go read my other post
where I answered your question... I have given up almost
everything..And as far as diets... she has tryed them all... Its kind
of hard to exercise when you can barely walk.. right? My mom has tried
the six small meals a day... my mom has lifted cans of green beans...
My mom has walked... she has biked when she could.. My mom has walked
the treadmill... done sit and be fit... changed her diet over and over
again... no protein... then no carbs... then the all carbs... the all
protein... the shakes.. only green foods.. Everything.. I dont know
what to tell you... You got lucky you lost the weight... sometimes its
harder than that for others..With this surgery.. My mom would be
physically changed in diet.. she COULDnt HOLD more food in her
stomach.. she would be forced to lose the weight... And here In
Houston... The Galveston Burn recovery center... will offer to take
off any extra skin... from her body after the surgery for free to give
it to burn patients... we have researched it all... Now its a matter
of just trying to get her the treatment..

CNYstitcher wrote in message ...
OKay now.....you have an apartment of your own and are attending
culinary classes.neither of which is cheap........sacrifice them both
for a while and use the money to help your mom! I know I said this in a
past post, but you said you are doing everything you can think of to
help.....if you still have the apartment and haven't taken a break from
college to help her, you haven't done everything.

Also, there is another diet/fitness program I would like to suggest, and
it can be done by people with health issues - it's called Body For Life.
It involves changing your diet, weight training, and aerobic activity.
Now, I used it to lose weight after my first child and for aerobic
activity, I walked for 15 minutes to start with. For weights, I used
anything that I could find that was equal weight for each hand. The
food is healthy, but you don't eat 3 meals a day, you eat 6 small
meals....it works, it really works...something that you might want ot
think of.


Cheyne wrote:

Thanks for the comments... My mom has done some research and looked
into her insuarnce... they specifically DONT cover anything related
with Weight problems... regardless if she is deathly sick or not. She
hardly eats sometimes, I think she is to the point she will starve
herself because she is just desperate. She doesnt over eat or under
eat. I am a culinary student in college right now, and I have studied
nutrition and just cant help her, from metabolife, to fen phen, to
aiken's, gym classes, dance classes everything. My mom is superwomen
and never sits for more than two minutes, she exausts her whole body
just to keep her mind off her weight and she cant help herself.
Watching her go up and down stairs horrifies me... She cant even come
up to see my apartment on the second floor because she cant get up the
flight of stairs... Nothing has made me sadder knowing my mom cant
come see me. I worry about her, I worry about being away from her and
I just want to help.

Old August 6th 03, 10:29 PM
Pat in Virginia
external usenet poster
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Thank you Kate. PAT
Old August 6th 03, 11:56 PM
external usenet poster
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Prayers and good thoughts are always given. That we have no trouble
with. We also *do* trade blocks, but not for money. The times that
money comes into play are when we do something like a HUG for soemone
and people help out with the cost of the needed backing and batting and

I will gladly offer prayers for your mom's improved health, as I do with
everyone who asks for them from the group. I may not post that I am
praying for all who ask, but I do say a little prayer everytime I her of
a specific need, and I also pray for the group as a whole.


Cheyne wrote:

I'm sorry larisa, but someone gave me this link... and they have an
account running through Livejournal.com if that helps. I didnt mean to
COME here and BEG for money..... I wasnt asking for you to open your
pocket books and write me huge checks... I just wrote my story.. and
offered something in trade...

Maybe you guys need to realize before you attack someone... the bad
guys are the ones who ask you for money for nothing in return... I
didnt know that this was group who strictly traded. I just was told
maybe i could get some help or suggestions or SOMETHING to help me
prayers ANYTHING.... :***(

Old August 7th 03, 12:14 AM
external usenet poster
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I wasn't slamming, I was offereing other suggestions. If my mother were
in this situation, I would do all I could to help her, except post to
this group asking for monetary help. If that meant leaving the home
that i have worked hard to have, I would. If that meant going into
debt, I would. I would go through local avenues of selling my
belongings rather than post on the internet - ebay charges a fee
regardless of if your items sell, the local paper only charges a fee for
listing items.

Despite the fact that my mother and I do not get along as well as you
and your mother seem to, I would do anything short of taking my own life
to help her. That is not a selfish statement, that is fact - I have a
small child and another on the way. For them to not have a mother would
be cruel to them. My mother wouldn't want my life anyway because she
would want me to be with my children. She wouldn't want me to put
myself through any hardship, but I would because she is my mom.

I am glad that you have a full-time job, you could still move back home,
however and save even more money. As I said, these are not slams, just
suggestions that came to mind while reading your posts.

I am still a child... what can you say you knew at 22??
The same as you know now???? If thats the case then I should be a
genius?? I have a whole life to learn, and being 5 feet tall doesnt
help any.

If you still consider yourself to be a child after making a decision to
enroll in a school that costs 40K, then we have extremely different
views of what a child is. YOu made this decision, now you have another
one that you need to make. I knew a lot at 22, not everything that I
know now, but enough to know that I wasn't in a position to attend a 40K
school. I was actually accepted into a rather prestigious college -
Johns Hopkins - and declined going (even though I *really* wanted to)
because of the financial burden it would have put on myself and my
family. Instead, I went to a local college and earned my degree. A
more responsible choice, and one that I have never regretted.

What the hell does your height have to do with anything?? I'm 5'7"
whoopie, who cares? Want me to tell you how tall the rest of my family
is? It has no bearing on anything but may be yet another way you want
us to feel sorry for you, I don't know. I can't see into your mind as
to why you think this is important for us to know.

I had a cancer scare and would have done anything that would have helped
me, with one condition, that it not be detrimental to my family in any
way. I had suggested another option that has helped thousands of people
and personally, helped me lose 60 pounds. If you didn't want my advice,
don't read my posts. If you don't want the advice of others, don't post
any more to the group.

I said , and will continue to say that I was offering other options.

I didnt ask to be hurt... and if anything... my feelings have just
been crushed... I didnt ask for you to give me money... I just asked
to trade... :*(

You didn't ask to trade, you offered things for sale, there is a
difference. Any sympathy I felt for you adn your mother (and other
siblings) has been decreased by you obviously being so self-focused that
you are taking everything thing I said as an attack...the perils of
being young....it was offered as optiong, and some were actually questions.

If you were hurt, you would want your daughter to do the same... or
would you be honored your daughter did this?? MY mom doesnt know I am
doing this for her... I just want to repay her for the love and
support she has given me...

I wouldn't want my daughter to ask total strangers to contribute to my
helath care or her college. The way my husband and I are raising our
son (and will be raising our daughter) is to be self-sufficient, and to
show respect to us. You are doing that in that you are trying to help
your mother. How we choose to raise our children is our decision, and
there are many other facets that you need not know as our life is just
that - ours. YOu chose to share your life with people who don't know
you and have never "met" you before. You can't blame any of us for
being skeptical. If a member had posted for you, a member that the
majority of the group knew, there might have been a little less doubt.
HOwever, that didn't happen.

I and many others have tried to offer advice in whatever way we could,
you have chosen to get snippy with me over my post. I posted without
knowing what the entire situation was, so my responses were based only
on what you originally shared. Keep that in mind next time you choose
to repond.


Old August 7th 03, 12:20 AM
external usenet poster
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Hear Hear...nex time, I will just let Kate answer for me...and if nobody
objects, for the rest of the group.....must be the teacher in her that
makes things so eloquent, yet clear and concise.


Pat in Virginia wrote:

Thank you Kate. PAT

Old August 7th 03, 12:52 AM
external usenet poster
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i started a reply the other day to her original post, as i often do to spam
i got lost in the mix of 'sales and donations'.
i'm glad you've explained the general position of rctq so eloquently for
me/us, Kate.
can we add this to our 'files' for future reference/use if its ever required
hugz, Kate.
currently showing as #13 on the list of frequent posters but i'm sure thats
incorrect as i'm so quiet and reserved most of the time, just sitting off in
the corner twinkling, munchin' on cyber chocolate and fondling fabric with

RCTQ Houston 2004 Party Animals
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail....
but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying,
"Damn...that was fun!"
i'll be there!!! will you???

"Kate Dicey" wrote...
| Having read this thread through careful before commenting, I would just
| say:
| You caused severe offence by trying to sell ANYTHING he this is a
| NEWS group, not a marketplace group, and selling anything is very
| severely frowned upon. You would have done better to read the rules for
| news groups in general, where this is clearly set set out, and for this
| group in particular, which has fought a long hard battle against
| spammers. You would also have done much better to lurk for a day or two
| and READ all the posts, to see what sort of a group this is, or to ASK
| if posting ads was acceptable and to be shown the charter for this
| group. Instead you jumped in with both feet and landed on a lot of
| sensibilities, bruising them. You ignored the social mores of the
| group, and you wonder why you got a poor reception? Your personal
| circumstances, severe though they may be, are irrelevant to this issue.
| You will have to understand that we will also remain sceptical about the
| person you say sent you here. Were they a regular poster and taking a
| full part in what goes on here, all this would be well known to them and
| one thing they
| There are several of us here who's circumstances are at least as dire as
| those you describe. When their troubles hit them, we as a group do our
| best to support them in whatever way we can. We have supported our
| friends through divorce, marriage, death of loved ones, cancer (there
| are a number of these ongoing at present), loss of jobs and loss of
| mobility. They may also ask us to help with ideas for raising money,
| but none of them try to sell us things in an inappropriate place and
| manner.
| There are also those of us here who are professional quilters of various
| sorts as well as amateurs and new quilters. Most if us are here to
| exchange ideas and skills, information, and even fabric Sometimes we
| exchange whole blocks. This is the thing about this group: we exchange
| like for like. We don't BUY quilts - we MAKE them. This group is for
| people to exchange things to do with making quilts for ourselves.
| Occasionally we get together and make a quilt for a member of the group,
| for a particular reason. If something terrible happens, we make a hug
| quilt for that person. That person does NOT try to blackmail his or her
| friends on the news group into buying their quilts with harrowing
| tales. They may well ask for (and get in abundance - and I speak from
| experience here) prayers for themselves and their loved ones, but no-one
| has yet asked for money.
| Sometimes we find a quilty project cannot be completed without a bit of
| begging: there are times when we run out of a particular fabric and
| cannot get it anywhere. We ask here, and sometimes the fabric is freely
| given, out of love, and sometimes a swap is arranged. There is always a
| barter or exchange happening here, but not of money - not a sale.
| Your story is neither unusual nor different from many others that do the
| rounds as begging spams daily. We have no way of checking its veracity,
| and with so many being stung like this before, we will remain sceptical
| and leery of such attempts at gaining sympathy. It reads like so many
| of the 'charity' begging letters that amount to nothing more than
| emotional blackmail. Some of these come from very respectable and well
| known organizations, like Oxfam and Amnesty International, as well as
| from individuals, and they may come via the mail or via the internet,
| but they amount to the same thing: unsolicited begging. This may not
| have been your intention, but this is how it came across. Now, WE did
| not write the tale: that is wholly your responsibility, and if it did
| not do as you hoped it would, you have to ask yourself why not.
| Your posting was spam: an unsolicited advertisement to a news only
| group.
| It's a begging letter: you ask for 'donations'.
| This may sound a little hard, but you also need to ask yourself, who
| caused the offence? And having answered this honestly, you then need to
| say, What can I do to put this right? Then you need to do it.
| P.S. There is a very supportive Weight Watchers news group, and also
| various other diet support groups on the net that will help your mother
| in every way they can.
| --
| Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
| http://www.diceyhome.free-online.co.uk
| Click on Kate's Pages and explore!

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Old August 7th 03, 01:25 AM
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When I first started painting and entered culinary school, it was a
way to try and release myself... I got to many paintings sitting
around so I was selling them online to pay off loans.. At this time..
my mom had been told she was approved for the loan to get her
surgery.. then they called and told her it was off and they couldnt
approve her and I decided any money I could spare would go to her..

"teleflora" wrote in message t...
So, I'm a little confused. Are you raising money to go to college or to buy
your mom a gastric by-pass surgery. VERY risky, by the way. Lots safer
ways of losing weight.


Old August 7th 03, 02:24 AM
Kate Dicey
external usenet poster
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nzl* wrote:

i started a reply the other day to her original post, as i often do to spam
i got lost in the mix of 'sales and donations'.
i'm glad you've explained the general position of rctq so eloquently for
me/us, Kate.
can we add this to our 'files' for future reference/use if its ever required
hugz, Kate.
currently showing as #13 on the list of frequent posters but i'm sure thats
incorrect as i'm so quiet and reserved most of the time, just sitting off in
the corner twinkling, munchin' on cyber chocolate and fondling fabric with

RCTQ Houston 2004 Party Animals
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail....
but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying,
"Damn...that was fun!"
i'll be there!!! will you???

'Course you can - only I need to edit it a bit: there's half a sentence
that got chopped off somehow, and a few punctuation issues I need to
take up with myself!

Kate XXXXXX (also VEEERRRYYY quiet these days... ;P )
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
Click on Kate's Pages and explore!

Old August 7th 03, 02:37 AM
The HairyFacedOnes 'N Me
external usenet poster
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Geez.... I was 100+ lbs. overweight for over 12 years. IT'S NOT *THAT*
MUCH! You *can* lead a normal life at 100 lbs. over-weight. You DO
NOT need to beg on news groups at 100 lbs. over weight. BUT..... you
can go thru hell in your personal life and suddenly find that eating
constantly just doesn't cut it any more and then start doing some
exercise- just a little at first, I'm 100% disabled- and you will start
feeling better. Then you find that eating less and exercising a bit
more and looking nicer feels *really* good.... and then suddenly---- I
am ***66 POUNDS LIGHTER AND LOVING IT!!!!!** And I'm still going
lower! Tell your mom to get busy and do it the old fashioned way- eat
less and exercise. It still works.... I can prove it. So can a few
others on this group! Ladies? Please speak up.....

Leslie (size women's 20 to a misses 14)

The HairyFacedOnes 'N Me

RCTQ- Houston 2004..... A good friend will come and bail you out of
jail.... but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...
that was fun!"


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