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frood wrote:

Snipped poor dog story!

To this day, my mother has no idea of the real story. This even came up this
past Christmas! My mother *knows* something else happened, but has no
evidence! Well, until I published it here on the internet that is!

Looks like dog is woman's best friend as well as man's! :P Poor pooch!

My mother was very proud of her new pale green twist pile hall and stair
carpet... We took shoes off before entering the house! One day she
went and brought home the groceries. A pink yoghurt pot popped it's lid
and dribbled all the length of the hall, from the front door to the
kitchen door! AKK! We did what we could, but it was still faintly
noticeable when the carpets were given their final Only Mother Knows How
scrubbing a few days before she moved out, some 15 years later... The
yoghurt had bleached the carpet faintly.

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