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So did you stand there and yell
Did you get a pix--or at least the name of the quilt design?
Butterfly (No, I am not about to head for the rafters today : )

CNYstitcher wrote:

Yep, just like my sewing and cross-stitch.....With those, I started with
only wanting to do one project, but enjoyed it so much that I just kept
going. Of course, I alsodo the odd thing of putting puzzles toether,
gluing them, and frmaing them as "artwork" LOL......Actually, DH thinks
it is pretty cool, and it *does* cost a lot less than real art, and it
gives me something to do during my restless periods (DS, age 3, is
pretty good at helping me sort pieces).

I picked up my State Fair reject this morning, and found a quilt that I
have set my sights is lovely beyond words, looks like the
basis is a whole cloth quilt, with added applique of flowers and such on
it....When I first saw it, I just stopped and stared...sigh


Diana Curtis wrote:

It started out innocently enough for you didnt it? And now..
bwuwahahahahaha... sucked you in deep didnt it! lol
Im glad you set your goals high. Why not. There doesnt seem much point
unless youre willing to try to do better than yourself.
Diana, thanking you for hte diversion