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Pati Cook
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Thanks, I think. G Actually, my grandmother also was a quilter. My Mom
doesn't remember it, but I do remember seeing some of the quilts that she
finished. But I never really *looked* at them. Then Mom found a top, that
Grandma had pieced, when going through Grandpa's stuff after he died. I have it
to quilt, and it has to be hand quilted of course since she hand pieced it. It
is a Boston Commons set, but no wide parts, all 2" (?) squares. Mom recognizes
some of the fabrics as being from her kindergarden dresses, and some of her
sister's dresses and aprons and such. I will do simple quilting and get it
finished. soon I hope.

I guess I do have a rather warped outlook on life sometimes G. Must have
something to do with living with a writer who is a born punster for the last 20+
years. G

Keep healing Diana, I want to know more about this BOM thing that keeps being

Pati, in Phx (who really needs another project to keep up with.........)

Diana Curtis wrote:

Wow, you sure have grown in the craft! Im glad youre here to share your
knowledge and also cause your posts are usually a hoot!
Thank you for sharing your tale, all of them have been interesting.

"Pati Cook" wrote in message
Well, I have been on RCTQ for not quite 2 years. I finally got the

computer set
up, and the net account up and running. DH sat down with me and said what
newsgroup should we check out. I said "quilting", so he called up

newsgrous, this was the first on the list and I never checked any others.

was in January of 2001.
I stay because it is fun, educational and I like the people and byplay

that goes
Quilting was an outgrowth of sewing in general for me. My degree is in

and Textiles, almost a master's in C&T along with work toward a master's

Adult Ed. I was working at House of Fabrics (assistant manager/sewing

manager) when HoF was bought by the company that became Jo-Ann Stores.

on through many changes in 3 years, finally got fed up enough to quit.

One of
the things that led to my quitting also led to my quilting. G We had

to wear
a "uniform" for JAS. Khaki bottoms and white shirts (or shirts with the

logo we could purchase from a specfic company ) Had to have some way to

the creative sewing I needed to do. (As much as I was working I wasn't

much but uniform, and what other clothes I already had were sitting in the
closet) So I started with some quilting. I had taken a beginning hand

class several years ago, and just went on from there.
Now I am finally beginning to teach quilt classes and design my own

Eventually I hope to have some of my designs out for sale as patterns (a

of people have already asked about buying patterns of a couple of my

Have some ideas for quilt books and want to become a really good teacher.

Hope this entertains you some what,

Pati, in Phx.

Diana Curtis wrote:

Im recovering well... certain things coming in the mail keep my spirits

thank you muchly! But the days linger long sometimes. I havent energy to

much yet, but you, yes YOU, have the power to entertain and amuse me if

feel like it, and I hope you do...
Would you please tell me how you came to post at RCTQ, and why you stay,

how you came to be a quilter and what you hope to find in your quilting
future. Maybe everyone else will get some pleasure in reading these ..

I wont feel so selfish! lol
Thanks in advance,
Diana the slightly bored