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On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 17:11:10 GMT, Mirjam Bruck-Cohen wrote:

Just had a phone call from the woman who reffered him to me ,, she was
Speeeeeech less....
to make it ,,,, had this day a call [ why do all these Persons get my
name ???] from somebody who started it with ; " Hallo can you tell me
where you get WILD SILK SHEARING ????Opps ,, my mind went wild , i saw
this Huge 4 footed butterflies covered with silken Curles and trhe
shearers running or rather flying after them .....or those Train long
silk worms ,,,,,,, Hallo Who are you ? waht is you name waht exactly
do you need ,,,,,, oh i got from her whst she needed reffered her to
the right person ,,,,,,,, but ,,,,well you Know ????? I wonder still
and more ,,,,

No no no, Mirjam, one gets wild silk shearings from SOW's EARS, isn't that
how one makes a silk purse????


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