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That's a good one, Mirjam! LOL

Star love,
"Mirjam Bruck-Cohen" wrote in message
This Afternoon i got one of `those` calls ,,,, is this mirjam , my
name is XXX YYY reffered me to you .... I settle down , knowing from
exprience, that trhis is going to be a long story,,,,, This time it
was a young man, who told me he needs help to clean Mold from a piece
of cloth ,,,,me waht cloth woven knitted??? he; woven ,,,, I can you
tell me a bit more about the cloth , he can ,, it is a woven cotton
piece from Ethiopia , I ask why he wants to keep it ? he says he got
it from a friend ,,, 'Ok ! I say and go into an elaborate explanation
what and how to do and waht possibilitires there are , and if he would
consider dry cleaning , what he should ask ? to know if the people
really can do it ,,, the young man says he wrote it all down , he has
only one question,.....If he wets it won`t it harm the Glass , the
frame and the cardboard backing ???? Oooooops
took me several moments to regain my normal breathing ,,,, and had to
restart my explanations .....telling that ANY cleaning will need first
Tottal removal of frame glass and cardboard ,,,,
makes you wonder ? doesn`t it ?