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Default New Log Cabin Quilt

On Feb 18, 9:50 pm, "Polly Esther" wrote:
Wow, John, that's gorgeous. I'm curious. I notice that your center
sashings are a little wider than the others. Were you following a pattern
or was this a design element that seemed like a good idea on your own?
Never saw that before (of course, there's lots I've never seen) but it looks
wonderful. Polly

I used a picture in one of my quilt books as inspiration. There would
be no way to reduce the width of the center sashings, as that would
reduce the overall width of that group of squares to some degree. Or
at least to my understanding of it. The center sashings are consistent
both horizontally and vertically so I think it balances out in the
long run. And the (sashings) are in fact created by the dark color
strip on the outside (dark color) of the pattern squares. They just
are dominant because they are butted, when placed in that orientation.
In a couple of pictures in the same book, they show a zig-zag pattern
which does not have that effect due to the non butting of the dark
colors. All strips are 1" finished and consistent throughout.