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Default Want to get rid of a kiln - Advice needed please!

I am a governor at an infant school in Essex and we have a kiln that we wish to get rid of. It is rarely used as the children use air drying clay nowadays. The kiln is by Hymus Engineering and is a 2M type, 6kw 30amp single phase with a maximum working temp of 1280 degrees. It is connected to a Studio 3000 programmer & temperature controller.

The school has been given a quote of over 300 to 'decommission' the kiln (whatever that means!) which I can only presume entails the company disconnecting the electric and taking it away. A quick search on ebay revealed a Hymus kiln being sold second hand for 650 so it would seem the company would be making a considerable profit if we allowed them to have it.

My questions are, how much hassle is it to remove it ourselves? Is ebay the best palce to try and sell it?

Obviously if the school could raise money from the sale, it would be much better than paying somebody for the privilege of taking it away. I have a feeling that the company is hoping to make a quick buck from an unsuspecting headteacher. The money raised would be spent on other equipment for the school, and with budgets being cut left, right and centre, any extra cash we can generate would be great.

Thanks in advance for any answers.