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Kathy in CA
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I started quilting only this year. I have been sewing (and loved it) since I
was 14. Once my kids grew up and moved out I stopped sewing so much. When my
daughter got pregnant last year I began sewing receiving blankets and bibs
and "cheater" baby quilts--just sewed a ruffle or binding and called it a
quilt! Decided I could do better so I began looking doing my research on the
internet last fall about how to make a real quilt. I tend to research first
then do I knew about newsgroups already so I did a search for one on
quiltiing. And so here I am I continues t read this newsgroup 'cause I
learn interesting quilting tips. I work for for my ISP as tech support so I
am on the internet 40 hours a week. I can pretty much do what I want between
call so I read several newsgroups (quilting, genealogy, recipes, and
sometimes sewing), browse the web, and occasionaly have something to
Kathy in CA
Quilting Stuff:

"judy in fort worth" wrote in message
I found RCTQ when I was new to the internet and trying to figure out the
attraction to chat rooms. This forum was more of what I was looking for

was not filled with people pretending to be in their 40's when they were
really only teenagers. I do not post often but do read the ng daily. I
have made a couple of good friends in my local area through this

I would never have met any other place. I stay because the conversation

always interesting and because I have learned a thing or two here.
My grandmother was a quilter although I did not know that when I began
quilting. She had passed away before I began to quilt. My MIL and GMIL
were quilters and I guess I just wanted to be part of the

MIL and compete more than we collaborate! (odd family dynamics there!) I
took my first quilt class when my DS (now 23) was a baby---back in the

of templates! Yuck! It is amazing that I stayed with it. For many

I was a purist and would only handquilt. Machine piecing was fine but it
wasn't a quilt unless it was handquilted. I am not sure what changed my
mind on that opinion but I think that it has something to do with wanting

finish more than one quilt a year. Plus the longarm quilters are so much
better now than they were 20 years ago---the ones that quilt for me are

What do I get from my quilting? The joy of creating something unique and

giving a gift of myself. I give away most of my quilts to family members
and friends. It was hard at first to give a quilt to a person who doesn't
"get it" but I have gotten over that and now give a quilt because I want

and because I think everyone in the world really needs a quilt.
I am always looking for a new challenge. I hope to leave a quilt legacy

my family and friends and to raise sons who value a gift from someone's
hands and heart. I also quilt for the distraction. When life is too much
for me and my worrying gene kicks in, sitting at my machine and piecing a
quilt can take my mind off my problems. In the future I hope to find lots
of new fabric and inspiration.

judy in fort worth
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