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Default Casting in Sculpey for Miniatures

For Xmas, I want to make small press-out parts for miniatures, that I and a friend can paint and play with over the holidays.

I was thinking the best way would be to make the minis in re-useable pieces (head, arms, legs) and the mold out of a very firm but flexible material, and press sculpey into the mold and then stick the pieces together, cook, paint and play.

I've made a few attempts with various molds pressing ordinary Sculpey into the mold and while the details are very faithfully caught the piece gets highly deformed as I tugged it out of the mold, and at the edges where it was pulling free.

I was wondering if I wouldn't be better off by working the sculpey till it is warm, pressing it into the mold, then letting it cool or even chilling it, then using a much more flexible molding material (silicon, dragon skin, etc) which I would peel away from the piece.

I also toyed with the idea of pressing a huge knob of Sculpey into the mold and then cutting the piece and mold away from the knob rather than trying to retrieve a piece alone from the mold.

I was wondering if anyone out there had any better suggestions for how to do this?