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Default patterns anyone for bond knitting machine

I'm getting a Bond Incredible Machine (in fact two of them) given to me
I'm so looking forward to it even though I've read some very poor reviews.
The girls
have upgraded to fancier machine with more features.
I have done research for weeks now and have learned so much about why people
drop stitches. From what I've read they don't put sufficient weight on the
and the stitches pop off (especially on the ends), or they are running the
carriage across way too fast, and
even they don't have the latches open.
There is a super yahoo group just for these machines that will help you USE
machine and use it to make not only blankets but sweaters, hats, scarves,
and other
There are also videos that are helpful. You probably need a fast internet
to get them downloaded. I loved watching the ISM Instructional Video the
best. Some
of the videos are a tad hard to see but worth watching.
I can imagine it can be frustrated at first. I've heard there is a pretty
steep learning
curve to using one but I'm game. I've only been hand knitting for a
year. I don't know
it that will help or make it worse.
There is also another machine knitting yahoo group that can help you out.
I also love this forum:
If the link doesn't get you there, try this one and click on "forum":
Susie in northern NY

I have a Bond too..Had it 10 years before I took it out of the box..I
have not made any thing on it yet..Every time I start some thing, it has
ended up on the floor..I see in the Bond stuff that came with the
machine, that they have pattern booklets, with patterns, that can be
ordered reasonable.. I get a newsletter in my e mail every now and then,
but no patterns..My last try on my machine, was a baby blanket..Got my
needles out and I am now knitting one by hand???