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Oh Diana, here is my sad tale to share.
I came to quilt making via needlework and teddy bear making. I move to New
Westminster in 1988. I'd made Teddies for some time and needlework since
the 70's. A friend told me of the shop in Burnaby and by entering a teddy
bear snow angel ornament in their Christmas ornament challenge I got to know
the shop.
They were primarily quilting and needlework/cross-stitch.
I got to know the owner and long story short, started to go the Wednesday
night drop in. Then progressed to teaching teddy classes and then on to
Well the Cross-stitch and Teddies are on the sideline more now and Quilting
is more my main interest.
My friend Deni in Burnaby introduced me to the ng about 1998 when my brother
built me my first computer. We'd met at a retreat from that infamous shop
in Burnaby. Well she e-mailed Sairey, and I met her before the group and so
the tale ends.
I love meeting folks in my travels, as you can attest from my visit to
Houston last year. I've been fortunate to meet a few of our friends from
Britain at Donna Dean in Bellevue's, had Phyllis [BBL] sleep over at my
place. Met some of our Canadian friends, go to San Diego and also Houston.
I've slept at Sairey's hostel, and met Florence in Tucson and her husband
Ren. I almost met up with Dragonfly [Pam] in Albuquerque except her phone
answering machine was acting up.
I hope to meet even more of our great RTCQ friends and be a part of the
group for many years to come.
Another traveloque will be due shortly, as I'm due vacation at the end of
the month, not sure where I'm going, but will share with all on my return.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

"Diana Curtis" wrote in message
Im recovering well... certain things coming in the mail keep my spirits

thank you muchly! But the days linger long sometimes. I havent energy to

much yet, but you, yes YOU, have the power to entertain and amuse me if yo

feel like it, and I hope you do...
Would you please tell me how you came to post at RCTQ, and why you stay,

how you came to be a quilter and what you hope to find in your quilting
future. Maybe everyone else will get some pleasure in reading these ..

I wont feel so selfish! lol
Thanks in advance,
Diana the slightly bored