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Pati Cook
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Well, I have been on RCTQ for not quite 2 years. I finally got the computer set
up, and the net account up and running. DH sat down with me and said what
newsgroup should we check out. I said "quilting", so he called up quilting
newsgrous, this was the first on the list and I never checked any others. That
was in January of 2001.
I stay because it is fun, educational and I like the people and byplay that goes
Quilting was an outgrowth of sewing in general for me. My degree is in Clothing
and Textiles, almost a master's in C&T along with work toward a master's in
Adult Ed. I was working at House of Fabrics (assistant manager/sewing machine
manager) when HoF was bought by the company that became Jo-Ann Stores. Stayed
on through many changes in 3 years, finally got fed up enough to quit. One of
the things that led to my quitting also led to my quilting. G We had to wear
a "uniform" for JAS. Khaki bottoms and white shirts (or shirts with the JAS
logo we could purchase from a specfic company ) Had to have some way to channel
the creative sewing I needed to do. (As much as I was working I wasn't wearing
much but uniform, and what other clothes I already had were sitting in the
closet) So I started with some quilting. I had taken a beginning hand quilting
class several years ago, and just went on from there.
Now I am finally beginning to teach quilt classes and design my own quilts.
Eventually I hope to have some of my designs out for sale as patterns (a couple
of people have already asked about buying patterns of a couple of my quilts.)
Have some ideas for quilt books and want to become a really good teacher.

Hope this entertains you some what,

Pati, in Phx.

Diana Curtis wrote:

Im recovering well... certain things coming in the mail keep my spirits up,
thank you muchly! But the days linger long sometimes. I havent energy to do
much yet, but you, yes YOU, have the power to entertain and amuse me if you
feel like it, and I hope you do...
Would you please tell me how you came to post at RCTQ, and why you stay, and
how you came to be a quilter and what you hope to find in your quilting
future. Maybe everyone else will get some pleasure in reading these .. then
I wont feel so selfish! lol
Thanks in advance,
Diana the slightly bored