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Diana Curtis wrote:
Im recovering well... certain things coming in the mail keep my spirits up,
thank you muchly! But the days linger long sometimes. I havent energy to do
much yet, but you, yes YOU, have the power to entertain and amuse me if you
feel like it, and I hope you do...
Would you please tell me how you came to post at RCTQ, and why you stay, and
how you came to be a quilter and what you hope to find in your quilting
future. Maybe everyone else will get some pleasure in reading these .. then
I wont feel so selfish! lol
Thanks in advance,
Diana the slightly bored

I wanted to do some hand work that was different to long-stitch (got boring!)
but wasn't x-stitch (DSis is too good at it!), and in a way I fell into
patchwork to start off with to use up scraps from sewing clothes. That was
back in '95. I completed a few hot-pot holders, but what I started working
on initially is now finished! I'm basically self-taught from books.