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Default Help from the US glass people, please?

I've been talking to the person I'm buying glass from for Mike, and we had a
chat about several things. Once we got the shoes and sealing wax thing out
of the way, the talk turned to more interesting things like finding cool
glass and frit.

They buy Moretti glass but aren't really too aware (since they don't hang
out on computers like some people do... *innocent look*) of all the tasty
bits of glass available to the US market. It isn't exactly a glass desert
here but it's definitely not glass heaven. I'd like to help change that if
I can in some small way. *putting on my Glass Enabler badge*

So, to give them some idea of where they could look to buy in bulk for
shipment to the UK, can any of you lovely lampworkers out there give me some
pointers for glass and frit suppliers? It would be a big boost in many
ways, as they'd be exposed to more types of glass, and we'd get more types
available to us from them, and other people who want glass could see the new
and cool things that the US has in abundance, and I don't mean candy corn!

Thanks to everyone in advance who can give me some directions to send on to
them. I also said I'd send them links to beads using the frits, so I
actually have an excuse to surf today! :-D

-Su (I'm not doing this just for me and Mike, oh no! I want MORE people in
the UK to have access to cool glass. Honest!)