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You sound like a kid in a candy shop. I wish I lived closer just to take
you shopping. Darn. That's a pretty impressive list you have. It sounds
like your family is pretty good about letting you "out" for your quilting
fix. Good for you!

"Flossy" wrote in message
Do you
have a list of "gotta haves" to shop for or are you just going for what
calls to you? Polly

I'm glad I'm not boring you all too much.....It's just too exciting. We

down to 12 days and I can almost feel the sun on my skin. I have 17 shops
planned to visit straddled across the state and I intend visiting TSWLTH

least 4 or 5 times. I *need* to buy some more spray baste as I've just

used up
my last, a foot for curved piecing, I'm interested in one of the very fine
needle basting guns, Omnigrid non slip rulers,YLI thread, Fabric (lots of)

batting, batting and batting !!! Plus of course anything else that catches

eye. I think the best way forward will be to mail myself some parcels home

the 'slow boat' that way we wont have to much baggage to get home. Its

that or leave a child behind.........
The money aspect is really good at the moment for each we are getting

so thats making shopping look very appealing.
I think I should have an early night tonight. That way it will be only 11

that much sooner
Malvern England
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