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K. Reece
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The bored part of recovering is the hardest. I hope it goes fast for you.

I found RCTQ when I had a webtv. I was just searching thru the list of
groups on "discuss" and ran across this one. That was back in late 98 or
early 99. I don't always have time to read or post but I try to check in on
a regular basis. At that time I was trying to finish my first quilt. I had
started it in 1979 and it needed quilted. I hand quilted it and it's
hanging over the back of my couch right now. When I finished that quilt the
quilting bug really took hold and I've made several quilts since then. I've
even managed to win a grand champion ribbon at the county fair two years in
a row now. (a quilted pillow and a tree skirt) The problem with that is you
have to come up with something bigger and better every year!

Kathy in Ks.
"Diana Curtis" wrote in message
Im recovering well... certain things coming in the mail keep my spirits

thank you muchly! But the days linger long sometimes. I havent energy to

much yet, but you, yes YOU, have the power to entertain and amuse me if

feel like it, and I hope you do...
Would you please tell me how you came to post at RCTQ, and why you stay,

how you came to be a quilter and what you hope to find in your quilting
future. Maybe everyone else will get some pleasure in reading these ..

I wont feel so selfish! lol
Thanks in advance,
Diana the slightly bored