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Default OT for gmail users

On 18 Feb, 18:54, Roberta [email protected] wrote:
Got this message from my son-in-law, the computer expert:

"Just an important heads up - if you use Gmail, Google recently turned
on a new Gmail feature called "Google Buzz" without even giving you
the option to turn it off or clearly explain it.

It's something akin to Twitter - but the problem is that it violates
SERIOUS privacy laws by exposing your contact list, e-mails of your
address book, and shows you who is following you, who you follow and
making that information available to anyone else. Needless to say this
is undesired and unwaranted by most people.

Read more about the violation of privacy laws he

To turn off Google Buzz:
Scroll to the very bottom of Gmail - in very tiny font letters at the
middle of the page is an option to "turn off google buzz".

Please pass this on to anyone else you may know who uses Gmail. Google
has to fix these privacy concerns - unless of course you don't mind
your contact list and e-mails of contacts being available to everyone
else. ;-)"

Roberta in D

I understand that before you turn off Buzz at the bottom of the page,
you have to 'unfollow' and 'block' all the contacts that Buzz decided
to put in place for you first.