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Default Need copy of magazine (not OT)

Sorry Lisa, but I'm going to piggy back on you!

At Barnes and Noble last night, I was looking through all the quilty
mags. I was really, really short on funds so could only pick one. I
ended up having to choose between one that had three patterns in it
that I really, really, liked and one that had one pattern in it, that I
really, really LOVED.

Needless to say, I picked the one that I knew I would get more mileage
out of. But I really, really want that pattern out of the other one.

If anyone has the current issue - Quilt Presents #60 of Quick Quilts -
I desperately would love to have the "It's An Illusion" pattern. It
looks like tumbling blocks (but it's not, it's easier, so that I can do
it myself! without having to get Billy to help me) and it is done in
black with bright blue and hot pink! It is absolutely awesome and
would be a perfect way to do Margaritaville again, with a different
twist, for myself!

Please email me off group if you happen to have this issue?