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Hanne Gottliebsen
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How do you get the spray baste home???

When flying from the US to England in December (moving here) I had a=20
spray bottle of waterproofing for leather and also a spray bottle of=20
"magic sizing" taken from my luggage, presumably by the TSA screeners.

I can live without the spray baste, but I miss the magic sizing no end!

Of course, I'm down to 16 days to go myself and can't wait!

London (UK), formerly VA

Flossy wrote:
Do you
have a list of "gotta haves" to shop for or are you just going for what=

calls to you? Polly

I'm glad I'm not boring you all too much.....It's just too exciting. We=

down to 12 days and I can almost feel the sun on my skin. I have 17 sho=

planned to visit straddled across the state and I intend visiting TSWL=

TH at
least 4 or 5 times. I *need* to buy some more spray baste as I've just =

used up
my last, a foot for curved piecing, I'm interested in one of the very f=

needle basting guns, Omnigrid non slip rulers,YLI thread, Fabric (lots =

of) and
batting, batting and batting !!! Plus of course anything else that catc=

hes my
eye. I think the best way forward will be to mail myself some parcels h=

ome on
the 'slow boat' that way we wont have to much baggage to get home. Its =

that or leave a child behind.........
The money aspect is really good at the moment for each =A3 we are getti=

ng $1.79
so thats making shopping look very appealing.
I think I should have an early night tonight. That way it will be only =

11 days
that much sooner
Malvern England =20
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