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Please make mine Good n Plenty licorice : )
Butterfly (course, I do keep a bit of M&M's in a crystal candy dish ((YOU
get to find it)) for those Stash Raiders---so they wouldn't be refused
either : )
"Pat in Virginia" wrote in message
Ginko ... yep we could take that but it would spoil the fun.
Therefore, M&Ms are the prevailing drug of choice here.
PAT, Official Chocolate Taster of RCTQ

Cina wrote:

I *do* wanna give squishies. I just wanted them to be a surprise, and
was under the impression that you can't see the list (that LN keeps)
unless you're on it. Of course, I've been corrected on the notion that
you can't ask for an address and keep the surprise... even knowing that
something might be coming, there's still the "what's in the box"
secret. And apparently this whole group needs more ginkgo, with all the
forgetfulness going around.