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Default Hand Painted Oil Painting offer China Hand Painted Oil Paintings supply

GOLD APPLE ART created in 1999, is a set wholesale and export of hand
painted oil painting production-oriented enterprises. We are a
professional hand painted oil paintings manufacturer from China.We
wholesale all kinds of handpainted oil paintings reproductions,wholesale
hand painted original oil paintings, wholesales hand painted oil paintings
portrait and the other hand painted oil paintings types.These hand painted
oil paintings were made purely by hand by our outstanding painter.As a
Professional hand painted oil painting supplier.We offer our customer the
good quality oil painting,the same time , offer an outstanding after-sale
service to them.So our paintings color and language is very strong. Our
traditional areas requested by the production of various types of
high-quality customer exquisite hand painted oil paintings, the
handpainted oil paintings are pure products from hand-painted. We will in
the international emerging markets to further develop
high-quality,development low-cost hand painted oil painting. "Changes
products, the same quality," that is we will pursue the goal. Our own
ability to create confidence in the future.
Quality : we are in pursuit of overall quality, depending on the overall
quality of corporate lifeline. This requires that every company and every
employee can be good at a collective understanding, prediction, or even
exceed customer wishes. We have a complete set of strict management system
products, and services will produce the entire process of continuous
improvement and improved. Our history gives us in the market, in the
production process, in the practice of management, products and services
in general must be a breakthrough concept, it should be better.

We have more than 400 excellent artists to serve you with a huge
collection of oil painting designs. We paint with imported oil paints on
linen canvas. To enable you easily find the samples expected, our
catalogue is sorted in two ways and there is no sample repeated in them.
One category is Oil_Painting_Styles_on_Canvas, according to the sample
style. The other category is Oil_Painting_Masterpieces_on Canvas, sorted
by the famous artists and works. What's more, all designs showing online
can be painted on board, please kindly review Oil_Painting_on_Board part
for reference.

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painted oil paintings,photos into oil painting,Canvas replica,craft canvas
portrait,handcraft oil painting replication.
Kindsortrait,Figure,landscape,flower,portrait,an imal,
classical,impression,nude ,birds,Realistical,abstract,ornament,modern.
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Enterprises,company,gallery,big studio,suppliers,Provider,wholesalers.
Honesty : Credibility is the foundation of our reputation, we will be
honest and equal expectations and the attitude of every new and old
customers work together, hand in hand, create great achievements.


Tel: 86 592 389 3030 (China)

FAX: 86 592 389 3030 Code:361009




Add: Wusipu1063#,Huli district,Xiamen city,China


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