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Default Can you make a living from Dollhouses ?

On Sun, 11 May 2008 02:58:25 +1000, "Dollhouse Detective"

I've been looking at evolving my hobby into a business. I have noticed these
things about the market for 'Dollhouses' here in Tasmania, Australia;

1. Once somone has a quality dollhouse, its theirs for life... so that $200
to $900 dollar one off sale gets the customer ready for collecting but thats

2. The Good Furniture is so expensive that you simply wouldn't let a young
human play with them... so do you market furniture as a Collectable ?

3. The Margin on Kids 'simple' houses and furniture kits is so small that I
can't see any money there.

4. Could you create enough interesting "Do It Yourself Kits" and Components
to sustain a mail order business from people wanting to make their own
dollhouses ?

I am very interested in any constructive thoughts anyone may have... I just
don't want to work for anyone else ever again and would love to be able to
make a living out of my enthusiasm for Dollhouses.